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Commercial Water Damage Valencia

Flood Damage, Commercial Water Damage in Valencia and Clean Up

Commercial Water Damage Valencia

When water damage happens to your business, commercial building, warehouse, school or office you want your workspace dried quickly and efficiently so you can get back to running your company . Our Commercial Water Damage Valencia mitigation service are Masters of  Thermal Energy System  to dry out your business in half the time compared to previously standard procedures. If you call us immediately after your business is flooded, we can have you back in your office in days verses weeks. We get in and get it dry and get out. Large Flood Damage Jobs is our specialty.

Drying wet carpets, wet walls, wet wood floors and wet ceilings of a business within a few days gets you back to work faster reducing downtime and loss of productivity. Flood Masters process can sometimes reduce wall, floor and carpet tear out which avoids business owners the cost of replacement. Since these materials are not thrown away and won’t end up in landfills we are helping the environment.

City Water Damage in Valencia Ca is your number 1 water damage expert. If you have a water damage emergency, email us or call 805-232-4852 for a fast response.

From water damage repairs, sewage clean up, burst pipes to drying out homes, under house crawl space and rain storm damage. City Water Damage Service are your most trusted team of water Damage Experts in Southern California. From initial drying, water damage insurance Billing to final flood repairs using professional water damage contractors we work hard when water clean up emergency strikes.

What About Mold?

Undetected leaks can cause hidden mold infestations deep within the walls of your home. If you see any evidence of water damage, such as staining of the wallboard underneath a window after it rains, then your home probably has mold.

Where should you look for mold?

Places in your home which are vulnerable to leaking water, condensation or high humidity.

Basements or crawl space that have been flooded

Underneath flooded kitchen or damaged bathroom sinks

Under wet or damp carpeting

wet walls that house plumbing

Our Emergency Water Damage Service Includes:
  • 24/7 emergency water damage response
  • Free on-site evaluation and estimate
  • water removal and complete dry-out
  • structural drying and sanitizing
  • wet debris removal and disposal
  • dehumidifiers and air movers rental
  • crawl space drying and basement water extraction
  • Always iicrc trained water damage technician
  • Space Clean Up And Basement Drying
  • Crawl Space clean up and basement drying

Crawl space under your house can have mold contamination, structural rot and sewage damage. Most often the cause of flooded crawl space is a broken pipe or broken drain which can lead to numerous problems if left untreated.

When it comes to drying basements or crawl space we wear protective jump suits and gloves for evaluation of mold, water or sewage removal.

Sanitizing by a professional water damage service, negative air machines, dehumidifiers and air movers are often used in flooded basement and crawl space drying.Dri-Eaz Rescue Mats

For hardwood floor drying we use dri-eaz rescue mats.


The rescue mat system is applied directly to the damaged wet wood area and works fast to restore hardwoods to a dry standard. The system creates a vacuum seal that speeds up the drying process.


Infrared Thermal Cameras

Infrared Thermal Cameras Used in water damage situations and moisture detection infrared camera is a powerful tool. Instant Imaging captures entire room to reveal wet conditions behind surfaces, such as walls, wet ceilings, floors and even in places where moisture can’t be seen.

The thermal camera can spot moisture and water leaks completely hidden within the walls where mold growth may occur.